We strive to help our Lexington neighbors in as many ways as we can, and we are grateful to all the organizations that serve our community in ways that we cannot.

Fayette County Resource Guide

​​The Fayette County Resource Guide is designed to help individuals, families and service providers locate needed resources in Fayette County, Kentucky.

​This guide was developed as part of the Fayette County Model Court initiative, which is working to decrease the time youth spend in foster care by improving services for youth and their families through better collaboration between Family Court and the community.

Community Services Guide

​The Downtown Lexington Corp Foundation has put together a Community Services Guide for those in need of food, clothing, medical and shelter resources.  It includes clothing bank hours, a schedule of free meals, and contact information for all resources.

Community Services Directory

​The Community Directory of Social Services in Fayette County was initiated in response to the requests of pastors and pastoral staff, who are often called upon to assist parishioners in locating community resources. It is our hope that you will find it helpful in referring individuals and families to services that can address their needs. We encourage you to contact staff at the Catholic Charities office if you have questions or need assistance in making referrals. No questions you have are unimportant, so please feel free to call us at (859) 253-1993.

Pathways Resource Guide

This guide is provided by Pathways Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living. It is designed for mature adults & their families in mind. It features listing information for housing, home health care, medical supplies, hospice, transportation, and Medicare. It also includes checklists, definitions, questions to ask during each process, and more.

Community Housing Resource Guide

The Homeless Resource Guide is a list of agencies across the Commonwealth of Kentucky who provided KHC with information to publicize their contact information for possible assistance for individuals seeking homeless assistance.

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