Revive Life House

Photos are from the LM+Revive Social hosted by LM staff at 185 Elm Tree in April to welcome Revive staff, volunteers, and current Revive clients. Find out more about the social here.

our new partner in ministry

Revive Life House will soon be leasing the Lighthouse building at 185 Elm Tree Lane and implementing their “Phase 1” 30-day program, where there are 16 beds and immediate treatment for men in need. The new program in Lexington is in addition to the 16 beds that they provide in Nicholasville.

The two ministries are excited about this mutually beneficial partnership! Revive’s men will volunteer at the Lighthouse, former church groups will plug back in to the recovery ministry, and Revive’s men will have the opportunity to grow in servanthood and character development early on in Revive’s program.

Learn more about their Christ-centered treatment program hereContact Revive Life House directly at 859-881-4505.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Lighthouse Ministries in this opportunity to collectively make a difference in the lives of those struggling with addictions. We firmly believe and have seen over the years that the number one factor in long-term sustainable sobriety comes through Christ-centered treatment programs that are at a minimum 6-12 months in length. Lexington Life House will be a 30-45 day, Phase 1 induction center, where the men will have a 40-hour overall programmatic week with 15 of the 40 hours being clinical groups as well as individual counseling sessions. These men will also be volunteering their time with Lighthouse’s Dining with Dignity program 5 days a week. Again, we are thrilled for this new endeavor and partnership with Lighthouse, and we all look forward to watching God transform lives for His glory.”

Todd Johns

Executive Director of Revive Ministries